What I Want for Christmas

I saw an ad this evening that started:

“So… What do you want for Christmas?”

OK. I’m game. Here is what I would like.

I want the United States to be as warm and open-hearted as the Canadians are in welcoming Syrian refugees.

I want hatred and intolerance to go away.

I want Donald Trump to be the main character in “A Christmas Carol.”

I want Buddhists in Burma, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan and elsewhere to be kind and loving to their Hindu and Muslim brothers and sisters.

I want Israel to start a new war on the Palestinians, one that starts with helping them receive high quality health care, a good standard of living, education, and a bright future. In this war, kill your enemy with kindness.

I want the rich people of the world – the “2 percent” – to discover that happiness is in helping those who are less fortunate then they, and that their wealth is a gift and a responsibility.

I want people to realize that happiness comes from being happy with little, that happiness comes from being kind, generous, loving, compassionate and wise.

This is what I want for Christmas.

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