Jataka 111

Gadrabha Jātaka

The Donkey

as told by Eric Van Horn

originally translated by Robert Chalmers, B.A., of Oriel College, Oxford University

originally edited by Professor Edward Byles Cowell, Cambridge University

This is another “story” that simply refers to another Jātaka. In this case, it is one of the tests in the Ummagga Jātaka (546). If you want to jump to it, click here.

If you have not read the Ummagga Jātaka, here is the context. The Buddha was born as the sage Mahosadha. Even at the age of 7 he was very wise. The King heard about him and wanted to bring him to the palace as one of his advisors. But one of his other advisors, Senaka, along with the King’s other advisors - Pukkusa, Kāvinda, and Devinda was jealous of him and tried to keep the King from doing so. As the story starts, Mahosadha has just solved a problem that earns the King’s trust.

You think you are a swan.” This Question as to the Donkey will be set out at length in the Ummagga Jātaka. This is the end of the Question as to the Donkey.