Additions to the Site

Note that this and the following blog entry are new.

Someone in a comment recently requested a list of publications that I can recommend. Rather than simply responding to the comment, I have added a new page called “Additional Resources.” This lists books and sources for Dhamma talks that I recommend.

The old “Resources” page is now called “Papers and Projects”.

The section on Meditation also has a number of additions. What is on that page constitutes the first section of the Meditation Guide, the basic but – I hope – complete instructions on how to meditate, at least in phase one of practice. The next section in the Meditation Guide will contain teachings on the Dhamma, what the Buddha called “Right View”, and will feature discussions of sīla (ethics/morality/virtue), the Four Noble Truths, causality, the three marks of existence and kamma (Skt. – karma). These are the wisdom teachings of the Buddha.

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