New version of Travel Guide

There is a new version of the Travel Guide to the Buddha’s Path. You can download it directly from this site for Kindles, and get it from Smashwords for non-Kindles. The content has not changed but I made dozens and dozens of style and format changes. It should look nicer. Much nicer.

I am in the process of putting together a print version of the book. I will let everyone know when that is available.

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One Response to New version of Travel Guide

  1. Sean V. says:

    Hi Erick, I just wanted to write and thank you, I finished reading your “Travel Guide to the Buddha’s Path” and am grateful to have found it. I feel like I’ve been looking for this book for years. Like you, I reached a point where I wasn’t sure what the next step was, so I mostly stopped. You’ve helped me fill in the blanks and after a long pause I feel like I’m back on track with a much clearer understanding of what I’m working at. It really is a travel guide; straightforward and practical, unassuming, but very well written and extremely readable. Your sincerity and genuineness is obvious throughout. Thanks again for your work, and amazing of you to offer the book for free.

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