More Little Books

Books 4 & 5 of The Little Books on Buddhism are now available on the Books tab. Book 4 is The Little Book on Buddhist Wisdom. It is very similar to the same chapters in The Travel Guide to the Buddha’s Path. It covers the basic wisdom teachings of the Buddha, including The Four Noble Truths, causality (dependent co-arising), karma, and The Four Marks of Existence. The Four Marks are dukkha, impermanence, and non-self.

Book 5 is on mindfulness & concentration. Mindfulness is a particularly mis-taught topic, and the importance of concentration is usually over-looked in meditation practice. The Buddha said a number of times that the first seven parts of the Eightfold Noble Path act as a support for the eighth part, which is concentration.

As usual these books reflect the “coherent and cogent” (not my words) teachings of the Buddha from the Pali canon.

Those of you who frequent this site and these books know that the eBook versions are free, and the print versions are as cheap as the publisher will let me make them. But if anyone wants a print version of the book for free please let me know. My email address is [email protected]

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