The Buddha’s Teachings on Rebirth

I have noted a number of times that I have been working on a book on rebirth. The eBook versions of that are now available on the Books tab. It is “The Little Book of Buddhist Rebirth.”

Every one of these books has a life of its own. This one is unique in that it moves beyond basic and advanced meditation practice and into the realm of the transcendent. Most people will never practice in this way, at least those who do “mindfulness practice” and “Vipassana practice.” That is fine, but for those who want to fully exploit the Buddhist path, this book lays the groundwork. It is the foundation for the next book which will be on Awakening, becoming free from suffering, and going to the realm that is beyond time and space.

Also, let me add a logistical note. These books end up in all the usual places eventually. That includes Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the Apple Store, and so forth. It takes a while for the publishers – who are Smashwords for the ePub version, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for the Kindle version, and Createspace for the print version – to get everything into distribution. Plus, because the eBook versions are free it takes me a week or two to get Amazon to price match the Kindle version to be free. (You have to publish to KDP at a price that is not free then show them it is free on Barnes & Noble to get them to make it free.) So that is the process.

The previous books are all out in regular distribution channels. I put them on the Books tab for your convenience. And some of you have noticed that I always point you to Smashwords for the ePub version. That is because Smashwords is a great site, they provide a wonderful author friendly service, and they do not make any money from my books. So I try to give them a little free publicity by pointing you there.

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